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Credits and Recognitions


BMI Film Scoring Scholarship

October 2018

Jeronimas Kacinskas Award for Outstanding Composition

March 2018

Video Game Audio Endowed Scholarship for Women

November 2017

Rick Applin Award for Outstanding Fugue Composition

March 2017


Composer and sound designer for A Token War

Released April 2021

Composer for the On The Dot brand campaign

November 2019

Picture for Marimba and Symphony Orchestra - Premiered at the Jerusalem Symphony's 80th Anniversary concert.

May 2018

String Quartet - Premiered at the Zodiac Music Festival in France.

July 2017

Performer for the 39th Golden Joystick Awards' opening show

November 2021

Composer for Protodroid DeLTA

May 2023


B.Mus. Berklee College of Music- Film Scoring & Composition with a minor in Video Game Scoring (Summa Cum Laude)


Rimon School of Music- Classical Composition/ Jazz Studies


speaking credits

Breaking Into Game and Interactive Scoring - Game Music and Audio Conference

February 2023

The Many Different Paths to Success - GameSoundCon

October 2022

Behind Himbo Hunter - It Gets Better Livestream

July 2022

Soundtrack Scramble - PAX East

April 2022

Scoring The Gig: How To Break Into Game Audio From Anywhere - PAX East

April 2022

Writing Orchestral Fantasy - ThinkSpace Education

November 2021

Writing for Video Games - Rimon School of Music

February 2021

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